Lessons & Fees

Lessons are held in a dedicated music room within a family home. A waiting room (with WiFi, if required) is provided for parents/carers, which is situated directly opposite the teaching room, from which lessons can be heard clearly. Parents/carers are welcome to enter or leave the lessons freely, as they wish.

Generally speaking, David does not teach pupils until they are seven years old, as this is regarded as the appropriate age at which serious study may begin. However, there is no upper age limit. David's oldest pupil was in his eighties and managed to achieve grade 6. So, you are never too old to learn!


David's primary teaching piano is a KAWAI GM10 4'11" baby grand piano. However, advanced students benefit from the use of a reconditioned 1902 Steinway & Sons Model B grand piano. In addition, performance opportunities are offered to students (see below).

With regard to the organ, David teaches from a Wyvern house organ. However, advanced students may also benefit from the use of the organs at various local churches, with whom David has long-standing relationships.


Each year, David offers his students an opportunity to perform to around 100 members of the public. A potentially daunting prospect to novice performers, the experience is made easier by the encouraging atmosphere created by parents and pupils who are all in the same boat! The annual pupils' concert is held during the autumn at St Martha's Church, Tring. The piano used for performances is a Yamaha C5 grand piano. Keep an eye on the homepage of this website for upcoming dates.


Lesson fees for pre grade 8 students are as follows:

30 minutes: £17

40 minutes: £22.65

For post grade 8 students longer lessons are offered. Rates are as follows (fees are slightly higher to reflect necessary preparation time and the more demanding nature of the tuition):

40 minutes: £28

60 minutes: £40